remembering Olimpia

Olimpia passed away on April 21, 2019 from cancer. She died at home, peacefully, curled up next to her parents. Olimpia was so many things to all of us, a daughter, a sister, a sister-friend, a lover, a teacher, a healer, a doula, a roommate, an artist, a story teller, a writer, a dancer, a champion for women’s reproductive health, an angoleira, a yogi, an earth-woman, and so much more. We will miss her bright, bright light.  Memorial get-togethers for Olimpia may still be scheduled—we will post any further information on this blog and her Facebook page.

In the meantime, please share your memories of Olimpia via comment below. While her community is spread far and wide, we can gather closer here. Don’t be shy! And you can send her family love via private message on the “Contact” page of this blog, too.

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4 responses to “remembering Olimpia

  1. Hi Oli, miss you so much and thinking back on all our memories back in the days is giving me a big smile on my face and also tears. Love you

  2. Olimpia freed me. Her presence and beauty and spontaneity were delicious and affirming, so warm. I remember getting very sick for a week. I was living with Oli at the time. For some reason she wasn’t home that week, and I decided to stay in her room. I was experiencing sleepless nights and her bed, her artwork, the spirit of her room buoyed me. She used to say “always ready, but never fully prepared.” There was a magic in that that made me feel okay. For being messy, imperfect. It opened up chasms for connection. Let light pierce through mundane routine. Olimpia’s smile, her laugh, were medicine. We reconnected some years later at Lake Merritt in downtown Oakland, CA. She’d gone through so many shifts since our time together on Main Street. She was still so bold, courageous, and full of the simultaneously youthful and sage wisdom that is so integral to her being. We strolled through the late afternoon sunlit streets. Sipping cool drinks. Catching up, remembering, visioning. Olimpia is an artist and healer. Skillful and deliberate in her navigation of work, play, justice, and community. I’m sure those of you who had the privilege of being by her side all these years are grieving immensely. I’m sure you know how beloved she is – how beloved she will always be. I love you, Olimpia.

  3. worked with her some 7 years ago, actually did her Divemaster course. I think I have never met anyone as positive and kind as her, always with a smile. She was also our “food manager”, taking care for us to eat healthy.

  4. I met Olimpia twice: once at a lunar yoga class and once for coffee, during which she related in spell-binding detail the story of a birth she had attended that week. That’s when I learned the magic of doulas, especially ones who are also yogis. That was years ago, but last year I found out I was pregnant and became intent on finding a doula trained in yoga in my current city. I don’t know what Olimpia had, but I have always wanted more of it. I can’t imagine the pain her loved ones feel losing her earthside, and for that I am so sorry.

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