stamina (n.) – staying power or the ability to sustain prolonged effort; endurance, fortitude, determination.

(Latin) plural of stamen, to describe the threads spun by the Fates.

(Sanskrit) sthaman, meaning place, strength; from root *sta- to stand.


I originally created Soul Stamina to keep myself motivated throughout my own healing journey with cancer. I personally thrive with positive self-reminders. See, I firmly believe the messages we receive shape our perception and experience of reality, but I also have a tendency to be forgetful. So I write myself notes on my mirror and fill my walls with images that inspire me to be live my truth.

Reminders for my journey...

Reminders on my whiteboard.

When I have a hard day and am struggling to stay afloat, those messages and photographs give me strength to keep kicking. Now I and so many of my loved ones are facing storms much greater than any we’ve weathered before. We need Soul Stamina–that fortitude that comes from deep within–more than ever!

My sincere wish is that the art and writing I post here serve as stars that provide guidance and spark hope when the road seems too dark or long or both. Stars that remind us of our own powerful inner light and encourage us to keep shining!

Brightly yours *  *   *
Olimpia Lee