A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skillfull Sailor

© 2014 TrueCotton

In the past 6 weeks: I attended a beautiful birth, then my dear uncle, college friend & family cat all passed away. My cancer scans came back clear while various people near to my heart got the scary diagnosis & started or must continue treatment. I signed the lease for a new apartment & started taking new thyroid medications. I made money & lost it. Serenaded loved ones with love songs & cried alone in my bed.

This ocean of experiences gives our lives depth and history, but in the confusion of change, it is easy to lose sight of the horizon. How can we maintain a calm perspective when we are reeling from the incessant highs & lows?

As I’ve been riding these transformative waves, feeling my stomach sink, my spirits lift, my heart beat, my body ache, I keep myself afloat by breathing deeply & reminding myself that by engaging honestly & being present with my experiences, I am developing the inner resources & resilience I need to keep skillfully navigating these Life storms with courage, patience & love.

After all, “A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.”

This quote is my anchor whenever I am pulled by quickly changing tides ~~~ Let it be yours if you need.

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