Lunar map by Doppelmayr/Homann, Nuremberg 1730.

“Tabula Selenographica in qua Lunarium Macularum exacta Descriptio”

Antique double hemisphere map of the surface of the Moon, naming its seas & craters. An important astronomical piece that is considered foundational in the Science of Selenography, or Lunar Cartography. It is so detailed & accurate that we STILL use most of the names given here to the lunar features. [Fun fact: Apollo 11 & Neil Armstrong landed in “Sea of Tranquility.”]

Celestial artwork. . . I love its intricacies, its multi-dimensional feel. How it unites science & mythology, showing spirited angels & a representation of the ancient Greek Moon goddess Selene, who is commonly depicted with winged horses or oxen & whose lunar crescent crown was likened to the horns of a bull.

Early  tribute to Selene in her chariot with her winged steeds & orbed crown, 500-450 BC.

Modern day view of the Sea of Tranquility from an Apollo mission in 1969.

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